Computer Laboratory

Course pages 2012–13

Security II

Lecture slides

Frank's heroes!

Chris Warrington, Tom Sparrow, Max Spencer, Tim Goh, Peter Conn; for figuring out what's broken in the Chinese Wall.

Tim Goh; for building a transparent pin tumbler lock model (which even almost works, if you can hold it together) with scrap pieces of plexiglass cut on a digitally controlled laser cutting machine. Cool.

Further resources

(Besides the "recommended reading" in the syllabus---note that Professor Anderson's book Security Engineering is now freely downloadable online.)

All the research papers cited in the handout, but particularly Professor Kahneman's Nobel lecture.

An exercise sheet covering the initial part of the course.


  • D. Kahneman. Thinking, fast and slow, Penguin, 2011.
  • R. Cialdini. Influence - Science and Practice 5th ed. Pearson, 2009.
  • F. Stajano. Security for Ubiquitous Computing. Wiley, 2002. Copies in library.