Computer Laboratory

Course pages 2012–13


Principal lecturer: Prof Andy Hopper
Taken by: Part IA CST, Part IA NST, Part I PPS

Practical Allocations

The allocation of practical times is now complete.

Important notes:

  • Practicals begin on Thursday 18 October (the start of week 3)
  • All Practicals are in the Intel Laboratory on the top floor of the Computer Laboratory.

  • NST and PPS students have one practical every week

  • CST students have one ML practical every week and one hardware practical every other week
    • CST marked ODD in the list have a hardware practical on odd numbered weeks (i.e. 18 Oct, 1 Nov, 15 Nov).
    • CST marked EVEN in the list have a hardware practical on even numbered weeks (i.e. 25 Oct, 8 Nov, 22 Nov).