Computer Laboratory

Building an Internet Router

Schedule - Software

All deliverables are due no later than 23:59.

Milestone Time Alotted Due Date Deliverable(s)
Develop a functional router in software 2 weeks Thu 14-Oct Checkpoint deliverable. Email summarizing your progress getting the VNS stub set up: building and connecting with VNS services at Stanford
Fri 15-Oct Design document with overview of router architecture
Thu 28-Oct Working software router (as described by this milestone)
Develop a router-router protocol in software router 2 weeks Thu 28-Oct Router-router protocol section of the design document
Thu 04-Nov 1. Router with fully implemented router-router protocol
2. HW+SW: Initial Proposal of Advanced Feature
Adding Hardware Control to Router 1 week Thu 11-Nov 1. Updated design document and software router with register access support
2. HW+SW: Final Proposal of Advanced Feature
Advanced Feature Development and Router Interoperation 4 weeks effective (*) Thu 18-Nov Design document with full specs of proposed advanced functionality
Thu 25-Nov Proof of progress on advanced functionality
Thu 02-Dec Proof of progress on advanced functionality
Sun 16-Jan-2011 Final documentation and router with advanced functionality

(*) You are expected to commit the equivalent of one in-term week worth of work to this module over the Christmas/New-Year vacation. No less than 20 Hours between the 2nd of December, 2009 and the deadline 16th of January, 2011.