Computer Laboratory

Building an Internet Router

Schedule - Hardware

All deliverables are due no later than 23:59.

Milestone Time Alotted Due Date Deliverable(s)
Implement four port hard-wired switch 2 weeks Thu 14-Oct Checkpoint deliverable. Email summarizing your progress getting the tools set up: Simulation, Synthesis, and running tests on the hardware.
Mon 18-Oct Operational input arbiter (submit archive of project directory)
Thu 21-Oct 1. Working four-port non-learning switch (bit file and archive of project directory)
2. First version of the Hardware Design document (architecture)
3. Test summary
Implement IP router, software integration and testing of IP router 5 weeks Thu 28-Oct 1. Implement basic packet counter registers
2. Add a written/drawn design of the Output Port Lookup module to your design document
Thu 04-Nov 1. Verification section of the Hardware Design Document
2. Ability to forward packets to/from software
3. Verify and update TTL/IP checksum
4. HW+SW: Initial Proposal of Advanced Feature
Thu 11-Nov 1. Verify the MAC address of all received packets
2. Lookup destination IP addresses in a lookup table. Forward matching packets to CPU instead of processing in normal forwarding path.
3. Interoperability testing section added to design document
4. HW+SW: Final Proposal of Advanced Feature
Thu 18-Nov 1. Implement remaining functionality, including routing and ARP tables
Thu 25-Nov 1. Email update on progress (1 for each team)
2. A tarball of your design (no dump files or packet_data directories please!).
Advanced Feature Development and Router Interoperation 2 weeks effective (*) Thu 02-Dec 1. Email update on progress (1 for each team).
2. Updated hardware design document (including advanced feature section).
Sun 16-Jan-2011 1. tar.gz file of your working directory including src and verif. (but no dump files, please!)
2. Updated Hardware Design Document with your added functionality.

(*) You are expected to commit the equivalent of one in-term week worth of work to this module over the Christmas/New-Year vacation. No less than 20 Hours between the 2nd of December, 2009 and the deadline 16th of January, 2011.