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A Base Event Library with ODL Support

ODLCOBEA is a CORBA based implementation of the CEA with ODL support, thus the name: ODL COrba Based Event Architecture.

ODLCOBEA contains the API and library support for applications to build the event source, sink and/or mediator. In addition, the newly released ODL support allows events to be defined in ODMG ODL.

C++ stubs are generated based on the ODL definition to interface with the base event library. Parameterised filtering of events has been implemented at the source and the mediator, along with prioritised event delivery and a heartbeat protocol.

There is also very limited crash-recovery handling. Currently, only C++ is supported. A Java version is under development. This pre-release uses omniORB3 developed by AT&T laboratories Cambridge.

Download C++ (gziped tar 1Mb).