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Open-source software from CamSaS

We make extensive use of open-source software in our work, and aim to share all of the software we create under open-source licenses, too. We prefer to use "permissive" open-source licenses such as the MIT, BSD and Apache licenses, which allow wide re-use and extension of our work.

CamSaS project releases

All of our project releases are available on Github:

We generally make all of our projects available as open-source once they become ready for release – stay tuned for others to be added to this list!

Tools, utilities and individual projects

  • C-Haste (libchaste)
    Pure, virtuous, unadulterated programming bliss – hastily assembled C programs.
    A utility library to assist writing fast and elegant C programs.
    » Source Code
  • CamIO 2
    A utility library for fast and flexible I/O.
    Uses a generic streaming interface to represent a variety of transports that are bound at runtime.
    » Source Code
  • Flowlessly
    A library providing several fast minimum cost maximum flow solvers.
    » Website