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DIOS operating system

What is DIOS?

DIOS is the Data Intensive Operating System, a special-purpose OS currently under development at CamSaS. DIOS takes a fresh view on datacenter operating systems and the abstractions they are built upon, with principles of distribution, scalability and efficiency at its core.

The DIOS kernel is explicitly aware that it is part of a "warehouse-scale", distributed machine where many individual computers are working together. DIOS replaces existing APIs, recognising that legacy OS abstractions from the 1970s do not scale to modern "warehouse-scale" data centres and furthermore are no longer a good fit for the requirements of modern data centre workloads.

Further information

To learn more, read our APSYS 2013 paper introducing and motivating DIOS (talk slides).

We have also presented several talks on DIOS:

  1. a short WIP talk on DIOS at SOSP 2013;
  2. a NetOS talklet in June 2013;
  3. a talk and demo at

Current state

DIOS is in early-stage development right now – we are expecting to release more information in late 2015.

We expect to release DIOS as open source once we have a reasonably stable alpha version. The core DIOS code is under the BSD license; the adaptation layer for Linux will be released under GPL.

If you are interested in getting early access to the source code, get in touch with Malte.

If you are interested in learning more, feel free to join the DIOS announcement mailing list.