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Cambridge Systems at Scale (CamSaS)

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The Musketeer workflow manager runs workflows across multiple back-end frameworks, choosing the most optimal one automatically...

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With QJump, we are bringing guaranteed latency communication to data centre networks...

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Legacy OS abstractions from the 1970s do not scale to modern "warehouse-scale" data centres. DIOS is a new operating system designed for scalability and efficiency...

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Using CamIO allows applications writers to focus on the important aspects of writing application logic whilst ignoring the complexities of I/O management...

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Modern data centres, web applications and big data analytics require systems software to operate at unprecedented scale.

CamSaS is our initiative to build a systems software stack for the 21st century warehouse-scale data centres.

Twitter: @CamSysAtScale


Paper accepted at OSDI 2016

31 July 2016

Our paper on Firmament has been accepted for publication at OSDI 2016. The paper shows that Firmament's scheduling logic scales to very large clusters of 12,000+ machines despite being fully centralized, and that Firmament makes substantially better placement decisions than other schedulers.

Blog: the evolution of cluster scheduler architectures

9 March 2016

Together with, we're starting a new blog series on cluster scheduling. Our first post, on "the evolution of cluster scheduler architectures", discusses how cluster schedulers have changed over the last few years, and where increasingly widely-used open-source orchestration frameworks fit in.

Blog: speeding up graph analytics with 10G networks

8 July 2015

Frank McSherry visited CamSaS and we wrote a blog post, "The impact of fast networks on graph analytics", together. The post shows that graph algorithms such as PageRank can benefit hugely from 10G networks, and demonstrates a 20x speedup over a GraphX/Spark stack.

Blog: applications of QJump's guaranteed latency

12 May 2015

Our first blog post, "QJump, or: how to be un-British in the data centre" discusses why the guaranteed latency communication offered by QJump is exciting, and what new applications it may enable.

QJump wins Best Paper award!

4 May 2015

Our QJump paper won a Best Paper Award at NSDI 2015.

Musketeer at EuroSys 2015

21 April 2015

We are presenting our Musketeer paper at EuroSys 2015 on April 22. Find us at the conference, or follow Kermit!