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Security Group

Scapy for TinyOS

Dan and Matt has spent some time on implementing several tools for monitoring and attacking TinyOS networks. The first tool was Scapy, which we have ammended with definitions of new protocols and with a code to connect Scapy to a serial port (over USB).

You can download the code of HERE

It is not really hard to use it -- sniffs and sends and two new commands to communicate with a serial port. Usual commands for help – lsc, ls – still work. However, you may find useful the following video showing a routing attack – flash video – 18.5MB.

Another piece of code we have been using was uartserver. We have added some more functionality so it could be used to capture and log all the communication in the air. The CODE must be used with a special code for MICAz mote, which is connected to the computer running the uartserver. We have used a configuration with uartserver installed on a Stargate. The code for motes is HERE – put it into app folder and compile and install ... .