Department of Computer Science and Technology

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Security Seminar

2021-07-20 – It's not only the dark web: Distributed surface web marketplaces

Constantinos Patsakis, University of Piraeus

2021-05-18 – Apple, App Tracking Transparency, and the Hidden Costs of More Privacy

Sam Gilbert, University of Cambridge

2021-05-04 – FastPay: High-Performance Byzantine Fault Tolerant Settlement

Alberto Sonnino, UCL

2021-03-23 – Dark web marketplaces and COVID-19: Flexible and resilient

Andrea Baronchelli, City University of London and The Alan Turing Institute

2021-03-16 – Understanding Modern Phishing

Brad Wardman and Adam Oest, PayPal

2021-03-02 – Crowdsourcing Security Research: A case study of AdObserver

Laura Edelson and Damon McCoy, New York University

2021-02-23 – Dmitry goes to Hollywood: Criminal Excellence in (Cyber) La La Land

Luca Allodi, Eindhoven University of Technology

2021-02-16 – A Liar and a Copycat: Nonverbal Coordination Increases with Lie Difficulty

Sophie van der Zee, Erasmus University Rotterdam

2021-02-09 – Cybersecurity Risk to Hospitals from Building Services

Sheryn Gillin, University of Cambridge

2020-11-24 – Alternative sanctions for juvenile criminal hackers: The evaluation of the Dutch “Hack_Right” intervention

Rutger Leukfeldt, NSCR

2020-11-17 – Cultural Convergence in the time of COVID

Alicia Bargar and Erin McAweeney, Graphika

2020-11-10 – Hardware and Software Fingerprinting of Mobile Devices

Jiexin (Stan) Zhang, University of Cambridge

2020-11-05 – SHB Seminar

Multiple Speakers

2020-11-03 – Eavesdropping at Scale: Shifting the Threat Model in Satellite Broadband

James Pavur, University of Oxford

2020-10-27 – Plundervolt: How a Little Bit of Undervolting Can Create a Lot of Trouble

Kit Murdock, University of Birmingham

2020-10-20 – Sponge Examples: Energy-Latency Attacks on Neural Networks

Ilia Shumailov, University of Cambridge

2020-06-02 – TRRespass: Exploiting the Many Sides of Target Row Refresh

Kaveh Razavi, ETH Zurich

2020-05-26 – Collaborative Deanonymization

Rainer Böhme, University of Innsbruck

2020-05-19 – Understanding Privacy-Related Questions on Stack Overflow

Kami Vaniea, University of Edinburgh

2020-05-12 – The politics of data-driven governance

Lina Dencik, Data Justice Lab, Cardiff University

2020-05-05 – Tech Abuse in the Intimate Partner Violence Setting: Issues, Challenges, and Mitigations

Damon McCoy, New York University

2020-04-28 – SEAL: sealed-bid auction without auctioneers

Feng Hao, Department of Computer Science, University of Warwick

2017-10-04 – Conditional Linear Cryptanalysis

Eli Biham, Computer Science Department, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology

Total duration: 22:33:57