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Capsicum: practical capabilities for UNIX

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Robert Watson created the Capsicum project, designing and implementing the kernel capability and capability mode frameworks, as well as libcapsicum.

Jonathan Anderson upstreamed the Capsicum prototype to FreeBSD, and has worked on kernel parts, the dynamic run-time linker, a capability services provider, and a capability-oriented shell.

Ben Laurie is the Google liaison to the Capsicum project, and did much of the work to create a FreeBSD Chromium port to allow sandboxing experimentation on a real, large-scale application.

Khilan Gudka is exploring techniques for automating the process of software compartmentalisation for privilege separation in C programs. He is particularly interested in static and dynamic analysis to achieve this.

Pawel Jakub Dawidek is a FreeBSD developer who has been funded by the FreeBSD Foundation and Google to help productionise Capsicum through improvements to APIs, building the Casper sandbox manager, and in adapting a growing pool of software components to use Capsicum for sandboxing.