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Language Sciences and the MPhil in Advanced Computer Science

The MPhil in Advanced Computer Science participates in the Language Sciences Interdisciplinary Programme which is organised by the Cambridge Language Sciences Interdisciplinary Research Centre.

Prospective students who are interested in Language Sciences and have a first degree in computer science, engineering, mathematics or physical sciences and good programming skills are encouraged to consider the Masters in Advanced Computer Science (ACS). Students already admitted to the ACS course are also very welcome to participate.

Students may choose from a range of Language Sciences modules on the ACS. Optionally, and with the consent of the LSIP coordinator for the ACS and the ACS examiners, they may replace one of these modules with a sharable option from one of the other MPhil courses participating in the LSIP (formally, this is a `Special Topics' module on the ACS). The NLIP group project suggestions for the ACS will include some which are interdisciplinary and may involve members of other departments as well as an NLIP group supervisor. There will also be interdisciplinary talks and other events aimed at graduate students.

LSIP coordinator for the ACS

The LSIP coordinator for the ACS is Professor Ann Copestake.

ACS modules as sharable options

Subject to timetabling and course prerequisites, any of the modules listed at Language Sciences modules on the ACS may be taken by LSIP students studying for another MPhil in Cambridge.

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