FAQ and Troubleshooting

This project was created by three undergraduate interns at the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory in Summer 2012:

It was part of a collection of projects targetted at creating open source teaching materials for the Raspberry Pi. This tutorial received a very positive reception when delivered at Campus Party Berlin.

Who can I contact for help?

Unfortunately, this project is no longer supported, and the students have since graduated. Please check the frequent problems encountered on the rest of this page.

If you have any minor questions or feedback, Daniel Bates maintains the webpages, and may be able to offer some guidance.

Which webcams are compatible?

The libraries for this project have been tested with a small number of Trust and Logitech webcams. They were written before the official Raspberry Pi camera module was produced, and this is known not to work. If your camera does not work, consider using SimpleCV instead, upon which our libraries are based. SimpleCV contains many similarly-named classes and functions, and is likely to be better-tested.

Attribute Error: […] instance has no attribute […]

The image processing library was updated late in the project to remove some unstable functions, but the tutorials were not updated to reflect this. An alternative imgproc library which contains the required functions can be found here: imgproc_old. Bear in mind that these functions were removed for a reason, and may not work as expected!

Again, we recommend looking at SimpleCV if you are having trouble.