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Bronac Ferran
chairs the conference Working Group. She is responsible as Senior Officer for the Collaborative Arts Programme at the Arts Council of England.
Peter Colyer
is secretary of the conference Working Group. He is Executive Secretary of the Academia Europaea, which was founded in 1988 as an international, non-governmental association of individual scientists and scholars, aiming to promote learning, education and research. It currently brings together nearly 1800 members from 35 European and seven non-European countries. The Academia’s membership covers a wide range of disciplines, including the physical sciences and technology, the biological sciences and medicine, mathematics, the humanities, the social and cognitive sciences, economics and law.
Alan Blackwell
is responsible for the conference web site, and local organisation. He is a Lecturer in the Cambridge University Computer Laboratory, and co-director of Crucible, a new organisation devoted to fostering interdisciplinary design research in Cambridge. The aim of Crucible is to identify, promote and fund research into the human application of technology, operating in partnership with researchers throughout Cambridge University.
David Good
is a lecturer in the Social and Political Science Faculty of Cambridge University, and co-director of Crucible.
Michael Century
is coordinating publication of material from the conference. He has been a policy adviser to the Government of Canada on the cultural applications of ITC, and was the author of a major report to the Rockefeller Foundation on innovation in digital culture.
John Howkins
will chair the Conference. He is a media consultant, Chairman of the webcasting company Tornado, Director of Equator Group plc and author of several books on the communication society.
Bill Cornish
is coordinating aspects of the conference related to legal issues. He is Professor of Law at Cambridge University, a Fellow of the British Academy and author of several books on the law of intellectual property, patents and copyright. He is director of the Intellectual Property Unit.
Image credits
Michael Martin of Oblique Design created the CODE logo.
Queens’ College Cambridge Bridge and Lodge, by Burford (1824).


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