Computer Laboratory

Project Suggestions for 2003

The following projects are hardware oriented and require a strong ability with Verilog and low level programming

High quality audio network appliance

I have a high quality audio DAC board donated by Arcam (it's used in their mid spec CD player). The new Altera EPXA1 board used in the ECAD labs has an Excalubur part which combines an ARM+FPGA. We have a working Linux port running on this board. We also have some example code to drive the DAC board. The project has a number of parts:

  • Core design: undertake the hardware and software design for a Ethernet audio appliance to allow audio to be streamed over the Ethernet to the DAC.
  • Option 1: get the IDE interface on the EPXA1 board working so that there could be attached storage.
  • Option 2: get USB streaming to work (the USB streaming audio standard is well defined)