Hoare Logic

Lecturer: Mike Gordon
Taken by: Part II
Number of lectures: 8
Lecture location: Lecture Theatre 2, WGB
Lecture times: 11:00 on Monday, Wednesday and Friday starting on Friday 10 October, 2014

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Summary: Program specification: partial and total correctness. Hoare notation. Axioms and rules of Hoare logic. Soundness and completeness. Mechanised program verification: verification conditions, weakest preconditions and strongest postconditions. Additional topics (only if time): correct-by-construction methods versus post-hoc verification; proof of correctness versus property checking; recent developments such as separation logic. (Official syllabus)
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The slides presented in the lectures are indicated by a tick to the right of the title and slides with content that goes beyond what is covered in the 2014/15 course are indicated by a cross .

The ticks and crosses in the slides (and updated handout) will only become accurate after the lecture is given. For lectures not yet given the ticks and crosses are from last year's course. Based on how last year's course went, I may present a different subset of the material in this year's course, thus the ticks and crosses may well change. Remember that the examinable material is what is presented in lectures, and this won't be finalised until the lectures are actually given!


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