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Graeme Jenkinson is a Research Associate in the University of Cambridge's Computer Laboratory leading development of distributed dtrace for the CADETS project.

Prior to CADETS, Dr Jenkinson worked on Pico a token-based password replacement scheme. Dr Jenkinson has thirteen years industrial experience working in high-level technical roles in the defence and automotive industries.

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  • Causal, Adaptive, Distributed, and Efficient Tracing System (CADETS), will address flaws in current audit and information-flow systems through fundamental improvements in dynamic instrumentation, scalable distributed tracing, and programming-language support. CADETS has three major components: Event Query (EQ) is a new query language, loosely based on DTrace’s D, that will drive in-application, whole-system, and distributed tracing using temporal expressions and information flow. Watchman is a host-based tracing framework that dynamically introduces variable-granularity instrumentation within and between executing programs. DEQUE distributes EQ expressions over many hosts to track inter-node information flows and temporal sequences, implementing post-hoc trace aggregation, or as needed, tagging of TCP/IP packets, filesystem RPCs, and application-layer protocols with temporal and information-flow labels.

Past projects

  • Pico without public keys
  • Pico is an existing research project seeking to replace passwords with physical tokens. In its existing embodiment, the Pico device authenticates the user to remote services using a public key based security protocol called SIGMA-I.
    This project will replace SIGMA-I with a symmetric key based alternative. The advantages of this approach include: minimizing changes required for service providers to adopt Pico, lower energy/computing requirements for wearable platforms and future proofing for attacks against public key cryptography.
  • Pico
  • Passwords are a pain. Pico is a more usable and more secure replacement that does not require you to memorize any secrets.
  • Practical authentication to everyday objects


I am an academic researcher working at the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory. I am available for private consulting tasks in the areas of software, security and usability research through Cambridge Enterprise Consulting Service.


Graeme Jenkinson

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