Computer Laboratory

Course pages 2013–14

Computer Graphics and Image Processing

Video clips

The videos shown before and during lectures were:

  • Mortal Combat from The Golden Compass (New Line Cinema, 2008)
    Oscar-winning special effects including animation of fur by one of the lab's graduates at Framestore
  • Sketchpad 1/2 and 2/2
    Early interactive graphics by Ivan Sutherland (1963)
  • Death star visualisation from Star Wars (Lucasfilm, 1977)
    Early use of computer generated images in a film
  • Sunstone (Ed Emshwiller, 1979)
    Early computer-generated film by Alvy Ray Smith and colleagues
  • André & Wally B (Pixar, 1984)
    Motion blur
  • Luxo Jr (Pixar, 1986)
  • Red's Dream (Pixar, 1987)
    Complex lighting
  • Tin Toy (Pixar, 1988)
    Using photo-realistic RenderMan software and inspiring Toy Story
  • Small and far away from Father Ted (Channel 4, 1995)
  • The Holy Trinity fresco by Masaccio in the church of Santa Maria Novella in Florence (1425).
  • Ames room (Royal Institution, 2011)
  • Knick Knack (Pixar, 1989)
  • Model of the William Gates Building in Quake2
    Zip file containing model and a copy of Quake2 (for academic use only, not to be distributed)
  • Cubic tragedy (National Taiwan University of Science and Technology) from SIGGraph 2005
  • Geri's Game (Pixar, 1997)
    First use of subdivision surfaces in a commercial animation (and Oscar for best animated short film)
  • Visualizing the XYZ color space (Sony Pictures Imageworks) from SIGGraph 2005
  • Acquiring the reflectance field of a human face from SIGGraph 2000
  • Interacting with paper on the DigitalDesk from CHI 92 (Pierre Wellner, 1994)
  • BrightBoard from CHI 96 (Quentin Stafford-Fraser, 1996)
  • Tabletop interfaces for remote collaboration (Philip Tuddenham, 2008)