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SVN basic usage

The official svn tutorial can be found here.


  • Creating a new repository:
       svnadmin create <repository name>
  • Import a project into a repository:

       svn import <path to import> <URL to repository>

    If you are using the repository on your nf-test machine, the URL might be of the form:

  • Add a file or directory inside an existing project:

       svn add [--depth=<max depth>] <files/directories>

    The –depth flag can be used when importing directories. It specifies how far into directories to recurse. A depth of 0 means only add the directory, a depth of 1 means add the directory and all files in it, etc.

  • Check in the changed files:

       svn ci


       svn ci <files to check in>

    Note: Using svn ci without specifying any files checks in all changed files in the current directory and subdirectories.

  • View the history of a file:
       svn log <file>
  • View the difference between the current version of a file and a previous version:
       svn diff -r <version> <file>
  • Subversion help:
       svn help


       svn help <command>