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Digital Signal Processing

Principal lecturer: Dr Markus Kuhn
Taken by: Part II
Past exam questions

This 12-h lecture course is an introduction into Digital Signal Processing, with a particular focus on audio-visual coding techniques, specifically aimed at third-year Computer Science students. Lectures are 2007 November 2 to 28 (M/W/Fr), 10:00–11:00 in Lecture Theatre 2.

Study materials

Demonstration and exercise materials

The material on audio-visual coding (last 4 lectures) was presented in previous years as part of the Part II Information Theory and Coding course. Therefore, exam questions 2003 Paper 7 Question 8 (a), 2004 Paper 7 Question 8 (c,d), 2004 Paper 8 Question 10 (c), and 2005 Paper 8 Question 10 (d) of that course are also related to material now covered in Part II DSP.

Deconvolution contest

This year’s winner of the image deconvolution contest (Exercise 11) is Max Bolingbroke with

MATLAB code: deconv_mb566.m (parameters magnitude_threshold = 10 and sigma = 3)

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