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Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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|oCParserA parser for TESLA automata descriptions
|oCAutomatonAn automata representation of a TESLA assertion
|oCNFAA non-deterministic automaton that represents a TESLA assertion
|oCDFAA DFA description of a TESLA assertion
|oCManifestA description of TESLA instrumentation to perform
|oCStateA state in a TESLA DFA
|oCManifestFileA file that describes TESLA automata
|oCUsageHow an automaton is used for instrumentation
|oCAutomatonDescriptionAn inline assertion describing the temporal behaviour of software
|oCIdentifierSomething that uniquely identifies an automaton
|oCLocationAn identifier for an automaton based on where it was defined
|oCExpressionA temporal expression
|oCBooleanExprA boolean combination of expressions (with equal precedence)
|oCSequenceA sequence of temporal events
|oCNowEventExecution has reached the point in the instrumented code where an inline assertion was defined
|oCFunctionEventA function has been called or has returned
|oCFunctionRefA function that can be instrumented
|oCFieldAssignmentAssignment to a field in a structure
|oCStructFieldA field within a structure
|oCArgumentAn argument to a function
|oCTransitionA transition from one TESLA state to another
|oCNullTransitionAn unconditional (and unrealisable) transition
|oCNowTransitionThe "now" event transition
|oCFnTransitionA function-related transition
|oCFieldAssignTransitionA field assignment transition
|oCSubAutomatonTransitionA sub-automaton
|oCPtrAnnotationAn annotation applied by LLVM to a pointer
|oCFieldAnnotationAn annotation applied by Clang/TESLA to a structure field access
|oCAssertionSiteInstrumenterConverts calls to TESLA pseudo-assertions into instrumentation sites
|oCFnCalleeInstrumenterInstruments function calls in the callee context
|oCCalleeInstrFunction instrumentation (callee context)
|oCFnCallerInstrumenterInstruments function calls in the caller context
|oCCallerInstrumentationFunction instrumentation (caller context)
|oCFieldInstrumentationInstrumentation for a struct field assignment
|oCFieldReferenceInstrumenterConverts calls to TESLA pseudo-assertions into instrumentation sites
|oCFnInstrumentationInstrumentation for a function event
|oCInstInstrumentationInstrumentation on a single instruction that does not change control flow
|\CInstrumenterBase class for TESLA instrumenters
oC__tesla_eventThe basic TESLA type is a pointer to a TESLA Basic TESLA types (magic for the compiler to munge)
oCtesla_event_handlersA vector of event handlers
oCtesla_event_metahandlerA 'meta-handler' that wraps a number of event handling vectors
oCtesla_instanceA single instance of an automaton: a name (ti_key) and a state
oCtesla_keyA TESLA instance can be identified by a tesla_class and a tesla_key
oCtesla_transitionA single allowable transition in a TESLA automaton
\Ctesla_transitionsA set of permissible state transitions for an automata instance