Computer Laboratory


This page shows a plan of the group's offices.

SS corridor

Room OccupantCRSIDPhone Room OccupantCRSIDPhone
SS02 Frederik Zilly (RKM)  
(RKM visiting student)  
SS04 Youngkyoon Jangyj293  SS03 Seminar room
Szymon Fedorsf52663592
SS06 Advait Sarkaras200667015
Mariana-Cristina Marasoiumcm7963556
Alexander Simpsonas2388 
Mohammad Hadhrawimkah235444
SS08 Isak Hermanih28563659
Guo Yugy23863771
SS10 Alan Blackwellafb2134418 SS09 Interaction laboratory63724
SS12 Hatice Guneshg41063684
SS14 Peter Robinsonpr1034637 SS13 Sam Aaronsja5563742
Oya Celiktulanoc28963567
SS16 Marwa Mahmoudmmam363619 SS15 Nanyang Yeyn27263698
Quentin Stafford-Fraserqs10167025  Gyorgy Denesgd35563596
SS18 Ian Daviesipd2134626 SS17 Utility room
Meredydd Luffwmfl263799
SS20 Erroll Woodeww2363571
Bihao Wangbw38563638
SS22 Rafał Mantiukrkm3863831
SS24 Andrea Kellsark2063667
SS26 Graham Titmusgt1934620
Lucija Dacicld51663541
SS28 Common room SS35 Displays laboratory

E-mail can be addressed to, personal web pages are at and full telephone numbers are formed by prefixing the extensions with +44 1223 3 (if they begin with 3) or +44 1223 7 (otherwise).