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Project Format Example


This page presents an outline project dissertation prepared with LaTeX2e. This version uses latex+dvips+ps2pdf to created the final output. You might prefer to use pdflatex instead, but the included images would need to be in pdf format rather than eps as they are in this example.

LaTeX2e Example

I have prepared a quick example:

Electronic Submission

Project dissertations may be submitted as postscript to the Computing Service Printroom via a dedicated FTP server.

Once the file has been sent you have to register the print job using the old paper mechanism (i.e. you have to physically go to Computing Service Sales!). The printroom will then perform an excellent job of both printing and binding your work.

Things to note when generating your dissertation:
  • Ensure that there are the correct number of blank pages inserted so that each double sided page has a front and a back. So, for example, the title page must be followed by an absolutely blank page (not even a page number).
  • Some people have had problems with using the standard Computer Modern fonts. Thus, this example document uses postscript fonts (see the preamble in join.tex).
  • Submitting postscript introduces more potential problems. Therefore you must either allow two iterations of the binding process (once in a digital form, falling back to a second, paper, submission if necessary) or submit both paper and electronic versions.

Further Documentation

The Computer Laboratory currently keeps local TeX documentation and the CTAN archive. There are also a plethora of LaTeX handbooks - check out the University Library computer.

Dr Martin Richards has also created a demo dissertation (in a tar file) that you might find helpful.