Rafał Mantiuk *

The laboratory is equiped to run experiments on various novel, often cutom-built display devices. Many projects used one of the devices below to collect data.

HDR display
HDR display

9.7" screen; resolution: 2048x1536; peak luminance: 35.000 cd/m2; black level: below 0.01 cd/m2; color calibrated;rec.709 gamut; real-time rendering and video playback.

Stereo display
HDR stereo display

Periscope-type stereoscope; first-surface-reflection mirrors; laser alignment; can be used with any flat panel display.

Multi-focal display
High-Dynamic-Range Multi-Focal Stereo (HDR-MF-S) display

A display capable of extremely faithful reproduction of small 3D objects, so that they can be confused with real objects. More details here.

10-bit panel display
10-bit LCD display

24" screen; resolution: 1920x1200; driven by 10-bit signal over display port; colorimetrically calibrated; used for near-threshold experiments.


350 nm to 1000 nm; 5nm bandwidth.