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Noa Zilberman is a Fellow and an Affiliated Lecturer in the Systems Research Group, University of Cambridge' Department of Computer Science and Technology. In her last roles before joining the Systems Research Group, she was a Senior Principal Chip Architect in Broadcom's Network Switching group, and a researcher in the DIMES project (Tel-Aviv University). Amongst others, she led the hardware development of the first 100Gbps traffic manager, and the architecture of Broadcom's StrataDNX BCM88670. Her research interests range from computer architecture, programmable hardware and networking to data science, with a specific interest in the combination of multiple disciplines (and a touch of measurements).
Current research buzzwords include sustainable computing, data systems, performance, networked-systems architectures, rackscale computing, in-network computing and in-network machine learning, converged interconnects, memories architecture and performance, performance measurements, and others.
Noa received her BSC, MSc (both Magna Cum Laude) and PhD in Electrical Engineering from Tel-Aviv University.

More bio details are available through LinkedIn or Google Scholar

Appointments and Affiliations

Leverhulme Early Career Fellow, 2016-2019
Isaac Newton Research Fellow, 2016-2019
Wolfson College Research Fellow, Title BI, 2017-2019
Affiliated Lecturer, University of Cambridge, 2018-2019
Senior member of IEEE
Member of USENIX
Member of ACM

Professional Activities

Referee for numerous journals, including (but not limited to) IEEE Transactions on Networking, IEEE Transactions on Sensor Networks, ACM wireless Networks, IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communication.
TPC co-chair - ANCS 2018.
TPC member - ICCCN 2015, ANCS 2016, ATC 2016, HotMiddleboxes 2016, Reconfig 2016, Eurosys 2017, SoCC 2017, SoCC 2018, P4 Workshop 2018, XOHW 2018, SIGCOMM-AE 2018, ATC 2019 (ERC), WORD 2019, ANRW 2019, ANCS 2019, ATC 2020, SOSR 2020, NSDI 2021.
Shadow PC co-chair, EuroSys 2021.
Grant Proposals Reviewer - Israel Science Foundation, 2018
IEEE ITC Comsoc Awards Committee, 2018, 2020.
Co-chair - P4 Education workgroup, 2018-present.
General co-chair, EuroP4 2019 (ANCS 2019 workshop).
Organizer - Dagstuhl Seminar 18261, 2018.
Organizer - P4 Hackathon at NSDI, 2019.
Co-chair - P4EU 2018 (ICNP 2018 workshop).
Co-chair - N2Women Workshop 2017.
Posters chair - CWWMCA (Micro-47, Micro-48 workshop).
Workshop organizer - BTG 2014.
Organizer - NetFPGA Development Challenge 2017.
Co-organizer - NetFPGA Developers Summit 2017.
Board member, N2Women (IEEE ComSoc and ACM SIGMOBILE), 2013-2017.
Chair, Women@CL (University of Cambridge), 2015-16.