Mateja Jamnik

Researcher in Artificial Intelligence


PhD Students

  • Botty Dimanov: Explanatory Artificial Intelligence.
  • Chaitanya Mangla: Machine Learning for Automated Theorem Proving. (First supervisor with Sean Holden)
  • Duo Wang: Bridging Computer Science with Neuroscience Towards a New Understanding of Reasoning. (First supervisor with Pietro Lio)
  • Edward Ayers: Automated Mathematician. (First supervisor with Tim Gowers in Maths Department)
  • Aaron Stockdill: Automating representation change across domains for reasoning.

Post Doctoral Associates

Past PhD Students

  • Advait Sarkar (2017): Interactive Analytical Modelling. (First supervisor with Alan Blackwell and Martin Spott)
  • Matej Urbas (2013): Mechanising Heterogeneous Reasoning in Theorem Provers.
  • Daniel Winterstein (2004): Automating Diagrammatic Reasoning in Continuous Domains. (Second supervisor with Alan Bundy at University of Edinburgh)