Mateja Jamnik

Researcher in Artificial Intelligence


PhD Students

  • Agnieszka Slowik: Machine Learning in Automated Theorem Proving. (First supervisor with Sean Holden)
  • Paul Scherer: Utilization of Graph Structured Data in Machine Learning for Oncology. (First supervisor with Pietro Lio)
  • Dmitry Kazhdan: Improving Interpretability of Machine Learning Systems. (First supervisor with Pietro Lio)
  • Dimitrios Deslis: Developing an Interactive Computer Support System to Facilitate Teacher Learning of Proof-related Instruction in Mathematics. (First supervisor with Andreas Stylianides in Education Faculty)
  • Mei Yang: Designing a Computer-assisted System For Prospective Mathematical Teachers’ Training of Proof-Related Instruction . (First supervisor with Andreas Stylianides in Education Faculty)
  • Andrei Margeloiu: Breaking the curse of dimensionality in low-data tasks.
  • Urska Matjasec: Interpretable methodology with high performance for tabular data.
  • Mateo Espinosa Zarlenga: Concept based learning for explainable AI.
  • Albert Qiaochu Jiang: Learning Abstract Mathematical Reasoning.

Post Doctoral Researchers

Past PhD Students

Past Post Doctoral Researchers