Mateja Jamnik

Researcher in Artificial Intelligence

Media and Outreach

I am a passionate adavocate for bringing science to the general public, and have participated in many outreach engagements. Recently, I was particularly excited to give a TEDx talk, be interviewed on BBC Radio 4 Woman's Hour programme, and film for the BBC Tomorrow's World programme.

    Horizon article plus interview.

  • BBC Radio 4, Woman's Hour, interviewed about the impact of AI on women's work. 16 January 2018.
  • BBC News, Evening News, Look East, interviewed about AI and its impact as the Government's Industrial Strategy is released. 27 November 2017.
  • BBC Radio 4, Today Programme, interviewed about the new Bladerunner 2049 film, the media and artificial intelligence. 6 October 2017.
  • BBC Tomorrow's World, filmed a short feature film on AI and the game of Go: "The day machines began to teach us". 17 June 2017.

  • Pint of Science, Cambridge (The Architect), popular science public talk in the session "AI: Friend of Foe" on "Can Machines Think Like People?", 15 May 2017.
  • Slovenian Pop TV programme "Preverjeno" profiling interview on my work and on brain-drain from Slovenia. January 2017.
  • TEDx Klagenfurt, Austria talk on "Can machine think like people?". September 2016.
  • Slovenian National Radio Station (Val 202). Phone Interview for Globalna Vas on "Humanising Computers". 8 September 2016.
  • Cambridge Science Festival public talk and panel discussion on Will artificial intelligence be superior to the human brain?. March 2016.
    (This was with Dr Hermann Hauser, Professor Trevor Robbins and Professor Alan Winfield, moderated by Tom Feilden, Science Correspondent for the Today Programme on BBC Radio 4.)
  • Jamnik, M. (2016). Our work in the future. Cambridge News, 7 March 2016, page 39.
  • Cambridge Science Festival public talk and panel discussion #ILookLikeAScientist on combating stereotypes and celebrating diversity of women from across the STEMM disciplines. March 2016.
  • Forum for European Philosophy public talk and panel discussion at LSE, London, on Will Machines Rule the World?. December, 2015.

  • Jamnik, M. (2015). The end of work? BBC Focus Magazine, December Issue 288:56.

  • Labour Party Conference fringe talk and panel discussion organised by TechCentral on "Could machines do politics better than humans?". September, 2015.

  • interview article on automated healthcare advice systems, "NHS 111 shows how medical diagnosis can be computerised". March, 2015.

  • BBC Radio interview with the Naked Scientist about "Doctors of Love" and the technology behind matchmaking. 14 February, 2015.

  • Jamnik, M. (2014). Don's diary. CAM Magazine, 73:3. Cambridge University Press.

  • Organiser and speaker for 2-minute madness event on Women in Computing at the Museum of Computing History, Cambridge, November 2014.

  • Ona (a magazine of the main Slovenian broadsheet Delo). An extensive interview about my research and career. Zelim si pocloveciti stroje. 18 November 2008.

  • Slovenian National TV Station (RTV SLO1), weekly documentary programme "Tednik" debating current world and national affairs. Personal interview with Slavko Bobovnik about my work, research, family, work/life balance, etc. 13 February, 2008.
  • Nominated for Woman of the Year in Slovenia (Slovenka Leta 2007). Out of 14 candidates, I was the only scientist, and was nominated for scientific excellence, for bringing science closer to the public, and for being a female role model in achievements and balancing work and family life. Resources:

  • Horizon Seminar "The Thinking Machine", University of Cambridge, UK. Invited speaker. Title: Can Machines Reason?. 18 March 2008.
  • Jamnik, M. (2008). Can machines reason? Research Horizons, 5:3 Cambridge University Press.
  • Jamnik, M. (2007). Kako sklepajo stroji? (How can machines reason?). EMZIN - Revija za kulturo, Letnik 17(3-4):88--89.
  • Delo (Slovenian main broadsheet), Sobotna Priloga (Saturday Edition). Extensive Interview about my research in Artificial Intelligence. Racunalniski sistemi mislijo, a ne bodo postali cloveski mozgani. 11 October 2007.
  • Slovenian National TV Station (RTV SLO1), 10 O'clock News (Odmevi). Studio Interview about National Higher Education Policies. 4 October 2007.
  • Jamnik, M. (2007). Lahko stroji sklepajo kot ljudje v matematiki? (Can machines reason like humans in mathematics?). Konferenca slovenskih znanstvenikov in gospodarstvenikov iz sveta in Slovenije, 5:64--67. Slovenian World Congress.
  • Slovenian National Radio Station (Val 202). Sunday Guest Portrait Interview about my research in Artificial Intelligence. 29 July 2007.
  • Slovenian National Radio Station (Val 202). Phone Interview on Slovenian National Day about the state of Slovenian Academia. 25 June 2007.
  • Jamnik, M. (2005). Computer scientist and a woman? Computing. 9 June 2005.
  • Jamnik, M. (2005). Computer scientist and a woman? Newsletter, page 14. Cambridge University Press, June/July 2005.