ML for the Working Programmer, 2nd Edition

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Published by Cambridge University Press, July 1996. Publisher's information available.

ISBN 052156543X

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In response to recent requests, and with the agreement of Cambridge University Press, I have decided to make the full text of the book available in PDF. It remains copyright material and may be downloaded for personal use only, not for redistribution.

Please note that the files have been typeset afresh, and due to changes in the latex system over the past 20 years, minor differences from the published text may have crept in. Please notify me of any serious issues.

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450 pages. Front matter; 1. Standard ML; 2. Names, functions and types; 3. Lists; 4. Trees and concrete data; 5. Functions and infinite data; 6. Reasoning about functional programs; 7. Modules; 8. Imperative programming in ML; 9. Writing interpreters for the lambda-calculus; 10. A tactical theorem prover; Bibliography.

Lawrence C. Paulson

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