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IFIP WG 11.3 Conference,  2002

News in brief

This page gives a brief description of recent changes to the conference Web site, with a link if appropriate. The most recent changes are at the top of the page. Up-to-date information on the number of delegates can be found here.

July 26th

I have just checked with the operating rail company, WAGN, and there is no engineering work this coming weekend. In particular the normal Sunday service will be running on July 28th. The better route to Cambridge is from London King's Cross; there is a semi-fast train at 51 minutes past each hour (journey time 68 or 69 minutes) and a slow train at 6 minutes past each hour (journey time 83 minutes). First train is 8.06 (takes 105 minutes!), last train 23.06; there is also a train at 0.06 Monday morning (takes 94 minutes). The coach service from Heathrow may be preferable, but during the holiday season the M25 can be jammed even on Sunday.

July 21st

Unfortunately one speaker has been unable to get to the conference to present his paper, and the programme for Wednesday has been slightly modified.

July 19th

There's been a slight change of plan regarding the collection of keys to delegate rooms.

It didn't rain on St Swithin's Day, I'm told by those who were in Cambridge at the time. Let's hope he does his magic with the weather.

A short note about emergency contact numbers has been added to the accommodation section.

July 15th

Today is St Swithin's Day!  St Swithin is an English saint, who by tradition controls the weather at this time of year:

St. Swithin's day if thou dost rain
For forty days it will remain
St. Swithin's day if thou be fair
For forty days 'twill rain nae mair.
For more about St Swithin see the entry in the Catholic Encyclopedia.  The moral of this tale is that we should all keep our fingers crossed for a fine St Swithin's Day, because punt trips are much less fun in the rain.

I've now put up a much more detailed version of the conference programme.   In doing so I've noticed that there are two papers scheduled for which no speaker has registered - please sort that out!

July 13th

Now back from Vienna, and I'm up-to-date with the generation of receipts. We have had one or two problems with credit card payments being refused, mainly from US franchisees. There are still a few authorisations in the pipeline (about 10).

I've been asked about an emergency contact telephone number during the conference. I'll find out what would be best and include it in the venue details on the web site. There'll be other similar oversights - if you've noticed one please send e-mail to Ken.Moody@cl.cam.ac.uk, then I can publish the information for all to see.

David Eyers has now sorted out lap-top connectivity in delegate rooms with the help of the computer officers at King's College. The preliminary proceedings are being printed right now.

We hope to put up some information for those presenting papers very soon. If you are presenting a paper and have an urgent question then please send e-mail to David.Eyers@cl.cam.ac.uk.

June 30th

I'm just off to Vienna for DEBS and ICDCS, and shan't be receiving e-mail until July 8th. As far as I know we have had no problems as yet with the arrangements for payment, bar one which is subject to e-mail. Please do not worry that you have received no acknowledgement; if your FAX transmission was acknowledged, you will receive a receipt by e-mail once your credit card authorisation has been processed by the Technical University of Darmstadt and I have returned to my workstation. The signed copy will be in your pack when you check in to the conference.

June 20th

We're just starting to send out formal confirmation with an invoice and an invitation. Both will be sent as .pdf documents attached to e-mail. To save administration no hard copy confirmation will be sent. Please see the registration pages for instructions on payment.

There has been so much demand for the tour of the city that it will certainly go ahead, so the charge has been added to invoices where appropriate.

If you need an invitation for visa purposes you should request one by e-mail to Ken.Moody@cl.cam.ac.uk.

June 17th

Thanks to all those who have registered. Sorry for the delay in doing more than acknowledge, not enough hours in the day. We hope to send out formal confirmation with an invoice and a formal invitation within the next week or so.

If you requested an invitation for visa purposes you should have received one in electronic form as a .pdf attachment. If you don't like the form of words, please send e-mail to Ken.Moody@cl.cam.ac.uk. Signed hard copy should follow in about a week (both sent to the US so far). If you asked for an early invitation and haven't yet received a reply, please send a follow-up request. But everyone should receive one soon.

June 1st

Site open for business. It's not debugged, and there is bound to be the odd problem. You should receive e-mail confirmation of your registration details; if anything is wrong please e-mail fiege@gkec.tu-darmstadt.de. We hope to send out formal confirmation with an invitation and an invoice by June 15th.

Please send e-mail to Ken.Moody@cl.cam.ac.uk if you need an invitation for visa purposes - first priority on his return from the US on June 12th.

May 20th

Although these pages are not yet linked from the WG 11.3 Home page this is no longer a site under construction. More details of the conference programme should be available within a week.

May 6th

A preliminary version of the conference programme is now available.

May 2nd

At present the Programme Committee is still hard at work. Registration will not open before Monday May 27th.