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IFIP WG 11.3 Conference,  2002

Network connection from delegate rooms

David Eyers has now sorted out lap-top connectivity in delegate rooms with the help of the computer officers at King's College.

All conference delegates accommodated at King's College will have access to a standard RJ45 network socket in their rooms, but users will need to provide their own Ethernet cards and network cabling. An IP address allocation sheet and documentation from the College Computer Officers describing how to configure many operating systems for the King's and Cambridge network environment will be available at the time of conference registration. Any reasonable use of the College Internet facilities will be free of charge, but please note that the UK academic community is now charged for transatlantic bandwidth and usage is monitored at the IP address level.

In addition, for delegates not bringing their own computers, the College provides a number of public-access text-based secure shell terminals. Delegates can also use workstations in the Turing Room (a shared computer area, Alan Turing lived and worked in the College), but the room is kept locked and access will be possible at certain times only.   Emergency e-mail and limited printing facilities can be arranged at any time.   The College web site has a section describing computing facilities.

Please note that wireless networking will not be supported, and it will not be possible to allow delegates to plug their laptops into the network except in their own rooms. There is an internet connection in the main conference room, but this is only for use by speakers in an emergency, for example to download a talk from another site when all else fails.

If you have questions please send e-mail to David.Eyers@cl.cam.ac.uk.


Information for speakers

We hope to put up information for those presenting papers soon. If you are a presenter and have an urgent question then please send e-mail to David.Eyers@cl.cam.ac.uk.