MCCRC - Quantum Computing 2019

MCCRC - Quantum Computing 2019

These papers are best downloaded for viewing. The formulae don't show correctly via the web on clicking.

In December 2018 Jon Crowcroft gave a talk "QC for QCs" to the MCCRC project, available at:

Since this is a new area to most of the computer scientists in the project, as well as the lawyers, Jean Bacon, with Jon's help, wrote a companion paper "Quantum Computing and Communication: a Technical Basis".
It contains minimal maths to explain the concepts. All that's needed is basic trigonometry, complex numbers (these are explained), small vectors and matrices. With these, it explains Dirac's bra-ket notation, used in virtually all papers on QC.
It also includes minimal quantum circuit diagrams with an explanation of the notation typically used. These are necessary to explain the operations carried out by quantum computers to implement quantum algorithms.



As we read around the subject we found that some important issues and insights were hardly ever highlighted. This short commentary attempts to summarise the issues we have discovered so far.



Papers to come are:
1. A summary of quantum computing projects and application areas by Chris Norval and Jat Singh.
2. Rewrite of basic concepts without the maths, initiated by Chris Reed.
3. A paper that picks up on (a) PKI and (legal) implications of it being broken and (b) other applications of QC and their (legal) implications.