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  • Are you looking for research students?

    I am always looking for good students. Have a look at http://www.cl.cam.ac.uk/~awm22/research/oppourtunity.html and the pages to which it refers for details about what I do and the procedure for applying to the Computer Laboratory.

    It would help if you could write a brief (500-1000 word) research proposal. This should show:

    • an understanding of existing work in the field,
    • identify an area for new work,
    • have concrete goals and deliverables for the first year, and
    • indicate that you know how to achieve them.

    Finance is likely to be a problem. How would your studies be funded? You may also need to take the Cambridge IELTS.

    If you want to pursue the possibility, you should send me a research proposal and then arrange to visit or talk by phone. Please do NOT contact several members of staff independently, as this wastes a lot of time through duplicated effort.

  • Do you have places for interns or visitors?

    Undergraduate students often work with the group over the Summer (July to September), but it is very rare to offer financial support. Send a brief description of your background and interests together with a 300-500 word proposal for the project that you would like to undertake. We can usually waive bench fees if the project is suitable and no assessment is required.

    I enjoy hosting visitors, typically PhD students, from other institutions. However, their work must be both interesting and relevant to my own. I am unable to host more than one visitor at a time and my ability to host is totally proportional to my current resources and the current resources of the Computer Laboratory. Such visitors are presumed to have their own funding for accommodation and day-to-day costs.

    It is vanishingly uncommon that we (the Computer Laboratory) can offer internships to undergraduates from overseas institutions or universities. The reasons are many and varied but mostly involve no money available, visa restrictions or a research-plan not relevant or interesting to me. It costs money to host students and we can rarely waive these costs for undergraduate interns from outside Cambridge. I am afraid I get many dozens such requests each year and I will reply to few if any. Sorry, I'm not meaning to be rude.

    Please do NOT contact several members of staff independently, as this wastes a lot of time through duplicated effort.

  • How do I find you at the Computer Laboratory?

    I have my University office in the William Gates Building. The William Gates Building in Cambridge is located at 15 JJ Thomson Ave, Cambridge, CB3 0FD, UK. Google Map here

    If driving, check http://www.cl.cam.ac.uk/UoCCL/contacts/getting-to-gates.pdf. You should be able to park in the drop-off area in front of the building, but please register your car at Reception.

    The University's West Cambridge site is about a mile from the town centre. It is a pleasant half-hour walk, or you can use the Uni4 or Citi4 bus services. See http://www.stagecoachbus.com/uploads/Citi4Uni4.pdf for details. Get off at the stop in JJ Thomson Avenue, just opposite our building.

    Just come to the main Reception and they will find me for you.

  • Where can I stay in Cambridge?

    For short visits, see the list of hotels at http://www.visitcambridge.org/wheretostay.php.

    For longer term accommodation see http://www-accommodation.admin.cam.ac.uk/.

Andrew W. Moore