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Andrew W. Moore

Andrew W. Moore is a Senior Lecturer in the Computer Laboratory at the University of Cambridge, where he is a member of the Systems Research Group working on networks and computer-architecture.

Dr Moore's research focuses upon the the Scalability, Usability, and Reliability of the Internet, transforming it from a developmental technology to a reliable, ubiquitous service. He considers appropriate network instrumentation and suitable hardware and software interfaces for next-generation networks as fundamental to this end. He describes below his current topics. He continues to find it amazing how much of the Internet is operated with limited feedback: intuition, experience and that much-vaunted gut-feeling play a huge role in the reliable operation of networks: large and small. Naturally, he works with dedicated professionals who make it their buisness to improve upon this situation and remove uncertainty from both their (operational) lives and ours (as network users).

Recent work includes BRASIL encompassing efforts at classifying network-based applications based upon their network traffic alone. BRASIL is a natural outgrowth of network monitoring projects such as Nprobe/GRIDprobe, MASTS, and 46PaQ

He has also pursued a parallel line of research into photonic systems --- specifically coding in photonic networks and increasing work on ways in which computer architectures can capitalise on some of the unusual features of photonics in their design. This work will be documented on the Swallow web-pages.

He lectures in the Computer Science Tripos on Digital Communications I and C and C++, and will teach on the new MPhil in Advanced Computer Science in October 2009. He has been known for occasional lectures in Digital Communications II

Dr Moore is a Research Associate of Corpus Christi College where he previously studied for a PhD in Computer Science under Ian Leslie. He is a Chartered Engineer and enjoys membership of a number of professional bodies including the Association of Computing Machinery. the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, and the Institute of Engineering and Technology.

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