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Course pages 2023–24

Advanced topics in programming languages

Presentation topics

Link: presentation topics allocated to each student.


Assessment consists of:
  • Presentation of one of the papers from the reading list (once during the course)
  • One essay per week (except on the first week and on presentation weeks)

All essays and presentations carry equal numbers of marks.

Essay marks are awarded for understanding, for insight and analysis, and for writing quality. Essays should be around 1500 words (with a lower limit of 1450 and upper limit of 1650). Presentation marks are awarded for clarity, for effective communication, and for selection and organisation of topics.

There will be seven submissions (essays or presentations) in total and, as in other courses, the lowest mark for each student will be disregarded when computing the final mark.

Marking, deadlines and extensions will be handled in accordance with the MPhil Assessment Guidelines.


Essays and presentation slides should be submitted on the course Moodle page.

Due dates

Essay 1Garbage collection3pm, Monday 16 October 2023
Essay 2Delimited continuations3pm, Monday 23 October 2023
Essay 3Dependent types3pm, Monday 30 October 2023
Essay 4Module systems3pm, Monday 6 November 2023
Essay 5Abstract interpretation3pm, Monday 13 November 2023
Essay 6Partial evaluation3pm, Monday 20 November 2023
Essay 7Program synthesis3pm, Monday 27 November 2023