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Department of Computer Science and Technology

Algorithms 1


Course pages 2023–24

Algorithms 1

There are two compulsory ticks for Algorithms 1. Submission is on Moodle.

  • Compulsory tick 1: mergesort (due 12noon on 5 Feb)
  • Compulsory tick 2: resalloc (due 12noon on 19 Feb)
  • Compulsory tick 3: max-flow (due 12noon on 11 Mar)

There are also several optional coding exercises and challenges, listed under the course materials tab. Some are linked to questions on the example sheets, so you can check that your answers are actually correct. They're a great way to solidify your understanding of the material. Submission is also on Moodle.

There is a Q&A forum on Moodle where you can ask questions about the ticks.


The compulsory ticks form part of your final grade for the year, as per the departmental marking scheme and the guidance about deadlines and extensions. I expect that nearly all students will complete the compulsory ticks. To complete them, you must pass the Moodle tester by the deadline listed above.

Ticks are based on an honour code. You are welcome to discuss the problems with your fellow students, or with your supervisor, but you MUST implement your code yourself and you MUST be able to explain how it works. The lecturer will randomly select some further students for a viva.