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Department of Computer Science and Technology



Course pages 2023–24

Algorithms 2

Principal lecturer: Dr Damon Wischik
Taken by: Part IA CST
Term: Lent
Hours: 12
Format: In-person lectures
Suggested hours of supervisions: 3
Prerequisites: Algorithms 1
This course is a prerequisite for: Artificial Intelligence, Complexity Theory, Prolog, Randomised Algorithms
Exam: Paper 1 Question 9, 10
Past exam questions, Moodle, timetable


The aim of this course is to provide an introduction to computer algorithms and data structures, with an emphasis on foundational material.


  • Graphs and path-finding algorithms. Graph representations. Breadth-first and depth-first search. Single-source shortest paths: Bellman-Ford and Dijkstra algorithms. All-pairs shortest paths: dynamic programming and Johnson’s algorithms. [About 4 lectures]
  • Graphs and subgraphs. Maximum flow: Ford-Fulkerson method, Max-flow min-cut theorem. Matchings in bipartite graphs. Minimum spanning tree: Kruskal and Prim algorithms. Topological sort. [About 4 lectures]
  • Advanced data structures. Binomial heap. Amortized analysis: aggregate analysis, potential method. Fibonacci heaps. Disjoint sets. [About 4 lectures]


At the end of the course students should:

  • have a thorough understanding of several classical algorithms and data structures;
  • be able to analyse the space and time efficiency of most algorithms;
  • have a good understanding of how a smart choice of data structures may be used to increase the efficiency of particular algorithms;
  • be able to design new algorithms or modify existing ones for new applications and reason about the efficiency of the result.

Recommended reading

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