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Course pages 2017–18

Operating Systems

Lecture slides, 4-up (as printed)

Lecture slides, 1-up

Example sheet

Note: The examples sheet is from 2014/15. Although the notes were re-written in 2015/16, the content changed only slightly with the material on Security moving to Lecture 02, Protection, and a small amount of material added to create a new lecture, 09, Communication. In 2016/17, this new material on communication was incorporated into lecture 03, Processes; the scheduling material was spread across roughly two lectures; and the final case study, on Windows NT was removed. The only changes for 2017/18 were corrections.

Lecture slides, per lecture

Suggested Supervision Schedule

To be clear: this is just a suggestion because I've had a couple of people ask for work to set in addition to the sample sheet. Please feel free to ignore as you see fit.

  1. Processes, Scheduling
  2. Memory Management
  3. File Systems, IO
  4. Protection, Access Control, Case Studies