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Comparative Architectures

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Recommended Reading

The reading is from the Hennessy and Patterson book unless stated otherwise. The appendices are available from the book's website.

Lectures 1-3: Read Chapter 1. ("The fundamentals of...").
The Chapter (or Appendix in 4th/5th editions) called "Instruction Set Principles" is also worth reading.

Lectures 4-7: Read the Chapter entitled "Instruction-level Parallelism and its Exploitation"

Lectures 9 and 10: Read the Chapter entitled "Memory Hierarchy Design"

Lecture 11: Further details can be found in Appendix G: Vector Processors by Krste Asanovic

Lectures 12 and 13: Read the Chapter entitled "Thread-Level Parallelism" (5th Edition) or "Multiprocessors and Thread-Level Parallelism" (3rd or 4th Editions)

Lecture 14: "Principles and Practices of Interconnection Networks" by Dally and Towles is an excellent book if you want to go into more detail or clarify any particular area.

Additional Material (Course Wiki)

Additional material and FAQs for each lecture are provided on the course wiki. These papers and reports may clarify elements of the course or simply help you explore aspects that you find particularly interesting. It is certainly not a requirement for you to read and understand the additional material.

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