Computer Laboratory

Course pages 2015–16

Theories of Interaction and Socio-digital Design

There are three assessment components in this module:

  • Reflective diary prepared each week, and submitted at the end of the module (60%)
  • Written critical review of a single discussion text (20%)
  • Contributions to the seminar discussion (20%)

Reflective diary

All students must keep a reflective diary throughout the term. The diary should include at least one entry for each of the eight seminars. The diary entry for each seminar should include:

  • statement of the theoretical focus for the seminar
  • citation details for the reading that was discussed
  • summary of the themes that arose in discussion
  • ways in which the discussion relates to the student's own research interests
  • potential relevance to theoretical perspectives encountered in other modules

A final diary entry, written after the final seminar, should reflect on the course as a whole, drawing together the thematic concerns that have arisen and been discussed throughout the course. Other reflections written during the term, on theoretical topics of interest to the student, will also be welcome.

Individual diary entries should be between 400 and 800 words long (1-2 pages). The completed diary must be submitted at the end of term (see deadlines for submitted work).

Critical review

Each member of the class must prepare a written critical review of one of the set readings. This should be submitted within one week after the seminar at which the reading was discussed. In most cases, the reading chosen will be one for which the student presented the opening introduction at the seminar. Students may bring a draft of their review to the seminar, in which case the lecturer will provide feedback on the draft. Feedback on drafts will be presented in open discussion with the class.

The critical review should be prepared in the format of a published review article prepared for an academic journal, including title, author, citations and bibliography. Total length should be between 800 and 1600 words (2-4 pages)

Contribution to seminar discussion

Focused attention and well-considered feedback on the perspectives of other participants will be particularly valued.