Computer Laboratory

Course pages 2015–16

Advanced Computer Design

Exercise 2 - TTC3 Processor

  1. copy the source code and Makefile from: /usr/groups/ecad-labs/ACS-ACD/bluespec-examples/TTC3/
  2. build and run using: make
    which should run a simple test bench with a program counting from 10 to 0 with values output on the output channel.
  3. look through the design
  4. create a new assembler routine implementing an iterative Fibonacci function which computes and outputs the first 10 Fibonacci numbers (see wikipedia for the sequence if you are unsure).


Demonstrate your Fibonacci program.


  1. Extend your Fibonacci program so that it reads from the input channel an unsigned integer n and outputs the corresponding Fibonacci number.
  2. Add a multiply instruction and implement the factorial function.