Computer Laboratory

Course pages 2015–16

Computer Networking Hands-on material

While this subject has no formal practicals there is considerable merit in learning by doing. This page will contain material of a practical (hands-on) nature.


Like last year I would encourage students to try Mininet. Developed by colleagues at Stanford, some interesting material is available at

Register if you are trying out Mininet here

The tutorial VM Images are mirrored here:

  • 32 bit: CUCL Mirror
  • 64 bit: CUCL Mirror

A good starting point is the Sigcomm 2014 Mininet tutorial and specifically the examples

  • BGP Attack Demo (or "How to own the Internet, at least until the authorities arrive")
  • Bufferbloat (or "what does my interactive shooter get fragg'd when someone else does windows update")

More advanced students (or those with more free time) are directed toward

Standard stuff

  • Applets (from Pearson website - I believe no 'magic' (purchase, etc.) is required to get access)

  • Wireshark Labs-sheets - not bad for ideas but the pitch point is an American Liberal Arts College, interpret that as you wish.