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Never forget to ask What problem am I solving?

Lecture Slides:

A few SQL examples that may clarify the relational implementation of many-to-many and one-to-many relationships (from an ER model).

Relational division example : relational_division.sql.

Some sample supervision question sets and are available for you to use/edit and extend on the Online Teaching Site (courtesy of Andrew Rice)

Some open source database systems :

  • HyperSQL :
    • To use from Java code (as used in Further Java) : Unzip the archive file, change to extracted directory, then launch a database GUI with java -cp {YOURPATH}hsqldb.jar org.hsqldb.util.DatabaseManagerSwing.
    • To use the read-execute-print loop use sqltool.jar, java -jar {YOURPATH}sqltool.jar. You may have to set up a sqltool.rc file in your home directory as documented at
  • Postgres :
  • MySQL :
  • SQLite :

Primary sources:

iMDB data:

Of interest (reading for the fun of it):

Never forget to ask What problem am I solving?