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Course pages 2014–15

Digital Signal Processing

I will hold an informal Q&A session for any Part II student who has questions about the DSP course material, on Friday 14 November 2014, 14:00, room FW09 William Gates Building. (Doodle poll)

Lecture notes



Problems in the printed handouts that are fixed in the above PDFs:

  • Slide 59: division of sinc argument by ts was missing
  • Slide 106+107: Z should read z

Demonstration and exercise materials

Supervision information

There are Information for supervisors, including example solutions for past exam questions and some of the exercises.

Supervisors who do not yet have access, please ask me (mgk25) to put your Raven identifier (CRSID) onto the access control list.

Supervisor solution notes will be available to students after the end of term, when most supervisions have finished.