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Course pages 2013–14

Topical Issues

Lecture Plan

The plan below is subject to change, as guest lecturers may be limited in their availability. However, few changes are expected at this stage.

F25/04/14Course intro, RFID and NFCRobert Harle
M28/04/14GPSRamsey Faragher
W30/04/14Internet of thingsPilgrim Beart and William Webb
F02/05/14BLERobin Heydon, CSR
M05/05/14C++Bjarne Stroustrup
W07/05/14Location, Location, LocationRobert Harle
F09/05/14Google Deep BrainMatt Stuttle, Google
M12/05/14Inertial Navigation and Pedestrian Dead ReckoningRobert Harle
W14/05/14WiFi FingerprintingRamsey Faragher
F16/05/14Opportunistic PositioningRamsey Faragher
M19/05/14UWB RadioAndy Ward, Ubisense
W21/05/14Advanced Vehicle RoutingAlan Jones, Cotares

Examples Sheet

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Notes and Resources

Lecture 1: RFID and NFC

Lecture 2: GPS

Lecture 3: Internet of Things

Lecture 4: Bluetooth Low Energy

Lecture 5: C++ As a Modern Language

Lecture 6: Location,Location,Location

Lecture 7: Google

  • Slides coming soon

Lecture 8: Inertial Navigation and Pedestrian Dead Reckoning

Lecture 9: Fingerprinting and SLAM

  • Slides (Updated with corrections 21/05/14)

Lecture 10: Opportunistic Positioning and the Kalman Filter

Lecture 11: UWB

Lecture 12: Road Routing for Demanding Customers