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Advanced Computer Design

Assessed Exercises

Additional Bluespec Examples

  • FibSimple - example modules to calculate Fibbonaci numbers (used in week 1)
  • FibServer - example Servers to calculate Fibbonaci numbers (used in week 1)
  • ServerFarm - create multiple copies of a Server and multiplex requests and responses to make them look like one server (which should be faster if the server takes multiple clock cycles)
  • NIOS Custom Instruction - an example of a NIOS custom instruction together with abstract interface
  • Altera ROM - example of a ROM as an Altera block RAM preloaded with the contents. It is also an example of how to embed Verilog in Bluespec.

Notes on tools and machines

  • Initialise paths to the tools:
    source /usr/groups/ecad-labs/ACS-ACD/scripts/tools-setup.bash
  • To use Bluespec, begin with the Bluespec walk through
  • To use Altera's Quartus tools, begin with the Part 1b ECAD+Arch lab pages
  • Information on remote access and machines
  • Syntax highlighting provided by Bluespec for emacs, jedit and vim - see
  • jedit syntax highlighting for Bluespec (from Steve Marsh) - see the two files in:
    which need to be copied to:
    • for unix: ~/.jedit/modes
    • for mac: ~/Library/jEdit/modes
  • gedit syntax highlighting for Bluespec and Verilog (from Philip Withnall) - see the two files in:

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