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Course pages 2013–14

Introduction to Natural Language Processing


There will be four short, take-home assignments on linguistic analysis. Each assignment is worth 5% of the final module mark. These will be `ticked' rather than graded: i.e., for each assignment, 100% of the mark is awarded for satisfactory completion and 0% for inadequate work or failure to submit. This does NOT mean that the answers have to be completely `correct' (there is anyway often genuine disagreement on some aspects linguistic analyses), just that a reasonable attempt has been made. These assignments should be handed to student administration by 4pm on the deadline day.

Assignment 1 Deadline October 17.
Assignment 2 Deadline October 21.
Assignment 3 Deadline November 4.
Assignment 4 Deadline November 14.

Practical 1
Practical 2
Input Sentences


  • Practical Week 6: (6 hours) PoS tag a designated text with one or more provided tools. Evaluate the performance of the tools quantitatively and qualitatively.
  • Practical Week 8: (6 hours) Parse a designated set of sentences with one or more provided tools, to yield representations of their grammatical relations, phrase structure and/or logical forms. Evaluate the performance of the tools quantitatively and qualitatively.

Handouts describing each practical in more detail will be provided at the beginning of weeks 6 and 8.

There will be an assessed practical report based on the practicals described above. The practical report will consist of a description of the work done of not more than 5000 words. It will contribute 80% of the final module mark. The deadline for handing in completed reports will be 14 January 2014, 4pm.