Computer Laboratory

Course pages 2012–13

Image Processing and Image Coding

Principal lecturer: Dr Joan Lasenby
Taken by: MPhil ACS, Part III
Code: E4F8
Hours: 16 (lectures including example classes)
Prerequisites: Knowledge of 1D Fourier theory and a bit of statistical signal processing experience

More information

This module will be offered by the Department of Engineering in 2013-14 in Lent Term 2014.

This module is borrowed from the Department of Engineering and the lectures are given at the Trumpington Street site during Michaelmas Term. Students wishing to take this module should note that the Department of Engineering is about a 2 mile cycle ride from the Computer Laboratory via Adams Road or fifteen minutes by the Uni4 bus. See for travel information.

The module is taught in Michaelmas Term and assessed by a sit-down paper in the central Examination Halls at the beginning of Easter Term.