Computer Laboratory

Course pages 2011–12

Algebra and programming semantics

Principal lecturer: Prof Sir Tony Hoare
Taken by: MPhil ACS, Part III
Code: M004
Hours: 8
Prerequisites: Some acquaintance and interest in the ideas of Milner or Hoare or Plotkin, ...


To have fun with the algebra of sequential and concurrent programming, in application to programming languages, programs and proofs.


  • Algebraic laws for sequential and concurrent programming
  • Algebraic laws as a common foundation for programming language semantics
  • Mathematical models for the algebraic laws


To improve our way of thinking about formal methods in programming, programming tools, and programming languages.


According to the student's discretion and interests.

Practical work

According to the student's discretion and interests.



Recommended reading

None: students will be recommended to consult interesting articles in Wikipedia.