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Course pages 2011–12

Discrete Mathematics I

Lecture notes: [pdf].

Errata: [txt].

Exercises: [pdf].

Summary of the rules of structured proof: [pdf]. (Warning: this will not be distributed in the exam.)

Software: Here is some software for you to practice building structured proofs. Let me know how you get on. (Warning: this is just for fun — you can't use a computer in the exam.)

  • Jape is the closest match to this course. Use the theory jape-examples/natural_deduction/I2L.jt. Note that what we call F-elim is called contra (constructive) in Jape.
  • Pandora. Warning: Pandora gives you some extra rules which we do not consider as basic rules for structured proof (e.g. EM).

What was covered in lectures

Because of a cancelled lecture and prerequisites in Lent term, the material was lectured in a slightly different order and a small amount of material was omitted.

The material following slides will not be examined: 63, 108, 150-152, 161-163. (You should still look at this material for general interest and to prepare for future courses that may build on it.)

You can send me an email if you have any confusion about this.