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Schedule - Software

All deliverables are due no later than 5:00pm.

Milestone Time Alotted Due Date Deliverable(s)
Develop a functional router in software 2 weeks 16 Oct Design document with overview of router architecture
9AM Fri 23 Oct Working software router (as described by this milestone)
Develop a router-router protocol in software router 2 weeks 28 Oct Router-router protocol section of the design document
04 Nov 1. Router with fully implemented router-router protocol
2. HW+SW: Initial Proposal of Advanced Feature
Adding Hardware Control to Router 1 week 11 Nov 1. Updated design document and software router with register access support
2. HW+SW: Final Proposal of Advanced Feature
Advanced Feature Development and Router Interoperation 4 weeks effective (*) 18 Nov Design document with full specs of proposed advanced functionality
25 Nov Proof of progress on advanced functionality
02 Dec Proof of progress on advanced functionality
10 Jan 2010 Final documentation and router with advanced functionality

(*) You are expected to commit the equivalent of one in-term week worth of work to this module over the Christmas/New-Year vacation. No less than 10 Hours between the 3rd of December, 2009 and the deadline 10th of January, 2010.